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Information for Authors

The ISCAST Journal is a double-blind peer reviewed publication that welcomes contributions from established and emerging scholars, national and international. Operating for almost thirty years, we are pleased to announce the launch of the journal’s new series in early 2022 as an entirely online and open-access outlet.

Christian Perspectives on Science and Technology provides a forum for discussing the interaction of science, technology, and the Christian faith and life. The journal welcomes articles exploring the nexus of science/technology and Christian ethics/spirituality/theology, as well as analyses of the history of science and faith.

In order for a submission to CPOSAT to be considered for review, an article should contribute to the ISCAST mission of promoting constructive conversation between Christian faith and the sciences. To that end, articles should show a connection, demonstrated in the article and mentioned in the abstract, between the substance of the article and some aspect of Christian theology or practice.

Intended Readers

The intended readers are Christians interested in science and technology as well as scientists and technologists interested in the Christian faith and values. Most readers will have a university degree, without necessarily possessing a specialised knowledge of a branch of science, technology, or theology. So, contributors should write for the broadly well-informed and not specialists within their own field.

Article Length

Articles may range from a minimum of 4,500 words to about 8,500 words. Exceptions may be made for brief critical notes and longer articles, in which case the authors are asked to confer with the editors before submitting their work.

Submission and Publication

Articles should be submitted by email attachment to the editors at

Once an article is submitted, the editors aim to provide an initial answer as to the suitability of the material within two weeks of reception. If the submitted material is suitable for publication, it will be sent to two anonymous referees.

Articles accepted after review will be published once revisions are implemented. Authors will be given the opportunity to check their work after copyediting.

Accepted articles will be published after the authors sign the agreement, and will be made available both as a webpage and a PDF file.

Formatting and Style

  • Articles should be submitted as MS Word documents with the following formatting:
    • Font: Times New Roman
    • Font size: 12
    • Double-spaced
  • As a rule, articles should avoid specialised terms, but necessary exceptions can be made; the same goes for exotic fonts, equations etc., in which case authors should provide the editors with the respective fonts, graphs etc.
  • Tables and graphs should be included in the text in the appropriate places, but photos should be provided as separate files. For tables, graphs, and photos that are copyrighted, the authors should obtain permission to use them before submitting their work.
  • Each article should include an abstract of 150–200 words followed by a list of five keywords, for indexing purposes.
  • ISCAST uses the Chicago Manual of Style and, for biblical material, the Society of Biblical Literature style. Authors are asked to use Australian/UK spelling.
  • Double quotation marks should be used for all quotations of three lines and shorter. Quotations of four lines and longer should be set out as block quotations, without initial and final quotation marks.
  • Articles should include footnotes, but not bibliographical lists. For examples of referencing, see the Chicago Manual of Style Citation Guide.
  • Where available, the referenced sources should include the respective DOIs.

Accepted articles must also include authors’ affiliations, where available, and a brief biographical note of up to three lines.

The editors are grateful for your contributions and welcome your enquiries and submissions via